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"What's This Ear" was a game show that was hosted by Brian Rosen in which contestant's had to look at a photo of someone's ear and guess who the person is. The show is often mentioned and mocked for how it failed to get popular unlike Don't Be Cheeky.


The show first appeared in the episode of same name, where it was hosted by Brian with Michael and Older Rosen as contestants. After multiple incorrect (and most of the time illogical) guesses, Michael ultimately came out on top as it was in fact his own ear as the answer (though only after Older Rosen started punching him due to his frustration). However, shortly after it was cancelled off screen. It's likely that the reason why the show was cancelled was due to the fight between the two and was ultimately replaced with the far more successful 'Don't Be Cheeky'.

However, the show was revived briefly in Michael's Not-So-Birthday-Related Birthday as a 'Don't Be Cheeky' side segment (though it was treated as a entirely new show). This time both Brian and Michael hosted the show, with Older Rosen taking care of the music and sound effects (think you can guess if he did a good job or not). The contestants this time where Mark Sabine and King Harkinian. The right answer was never given by either of the contestants and the show never formally wrapped up during the episode due to Michael having to stop their fridge from being stolen, though the ear belonged to Augmented Reality Rog.

The show was seeming cancelled afterwards yet again for unclear reasons, though it was briefly mentioned in both Hackney's Got Talent and Michael's Tangentially Fridge-Related Adventure.



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