256PiAlternate is a Youtuber known for making Ytp 's (youtube poop) of the poet Michael Rosen. he also is known for making music like the album 044444, inside the mainframe, bubble gum machine and if tomorrow is a ball can I bounce it on the driveway. he has been making music way before he made Youtube Poops as far back as 2005. his channel has about 105 subscribers with most of his videos being a series called Wario is great. his alts are the wonky angle where he reviews electronic music, 256pi music where he posts his albums and other stuff and his most popular channel being 256PIalternative. his most pupular youtube poop is Harrybo & The Michael Rosen have a lovely dinner. he has a series on his alt account called the rosen amily chronicles  and the king nd friends randomness. 

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