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Two Tales from Nothingham
Episode # 32 (Season 3, Ep. 7)
Airdate September 6, 2015
Length 1:47 (2:46 for director's cut)

The 32nd episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles, also 256Pi's entry for his Mark Sabine & Friends Collab. Watch the director's cut here.


In the Director's Cut (originally a Vidme exclusive and the intro to the collab in question), the video begins with Mark waking up in the morning, and having a conversation with Brady Haran, talking about how they are going to make a YouTube Poop, after which point the original version of this episode begins.

The episode begins with Mark Sabine telling the audience that he and Brady Haran are going to go around the campus of University of Nothingham and show some kinda strange segments. Brady says "So let's have a look" and they walk around for a bit. Mark stops in front of a building, saying that this is the broadcasting school that Michael and Brian (which he refers to as "those two guys who host Don't Be Cheeky") attended, and enters the building. Brady does not follow him, as he noticed that the sign in front of the building actually says "Geospatial Building". Brady comments "And that's how you fail", and scrolls the camera around a bit. Suddenly there's the sound of a window breaking, which freaks out Brady. Mark is poking out the side of the window, saying "You bitch!" and then being kicked out of the window and plummeting to the ground. Professor Bernard McGuirk pokes his head out of the window and tells Mark to leave (saying "Disappear, people!") Brady at first thinks that Mark might be dead, but Mark calls to Brady to say he's alright.

After a transition, Brady appears in front of a large building. He tells the audience that there's a really cool piece of jizz in there, then enters, and for some reason walks backwards out of it. He then enters back in, to reveal that the building is where the internet was born, although he goes about explaining it in an odd and nonsensical way. Eventually he comes to a valve, and realizes that if he turns the valve then he'll turn the internet off. Out of curiousity, he turns it, then after a bit the world around him turns into a big abyss. He shrinks and grows, and then explodes. It's then revealed that the whole time Brady was actually playing a video game, and that he's not dead at all (though he complains that he doesn't know how he died in the game).


  • "Circle & Star" by Sounds from the Ground
  • "The Ward" by ThumpMonks (Submachine: FLF HD Soundtrack)

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