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Tim Rowett
Biographical information
Occupation Toy collector
Age 77
First Appears In Michael's Not-So-Birthday-Related Birthday

Tim is a toy collector, and the star of the YouTube channel, Grand Illusions.

Known Information[]

Tim lives somewhere near London, and in his house are hundreds of briefcases full of toys. He takes them out to show them off and play with them in front of a camera for his Grand Illusions channel (though Tim himself does not manage the channel or do the filming, this responsibility is usually taken up by a friend of his, Hendrik Ball). Whenever showcasing something, be it a toy or musical instrument or whatever, he sits in front of a large wooden table, which he also takes with him outside of the filming studio. He also often giggles to himself (or rather says "heh" quite a bit).

So far he has not actually appeared in the series much at all, though he has made a few small appearances. He once accidentally tripped Michael and The Presents Inspector with one of his larger toys (a plastic gun), and appeared as a contestant on Hackney's Got Talent, playing "Style" by Orbital on the stylophone (and later on, "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin on the violin). He also made an appearance in The King & Friends Randomness #10 to give King Harkinian several balloons to fly with. In this video he appeared out of nowhere Older Rosen-style, though it is unknown how exactly he did this.

At one point Older Rosen stumbled onto his "Tims Toys" shop, and they played around for a bit before Tim accidentally shrunk him down small enough to fit in his hand. This problem was eventually solved by running around with Older Rosen and a giant balloon.