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The Presents Inspector
Episode # 11 (Season 1, Ep. 11)
Airdate December 15, 2013
Length 1:28

The eleventh episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles. Watch it here.


Michael was in Hackney Dans when he noticed a man putting up a tent and posting blank notices all around the area. Michael then decided to investigate what exactly was going on. He followed the man to the Hackney Dans Train Station, but lost him. Michael looked around, wondering where the man was. Said man responded "I dunno!" Realizing that that this was the man posting blank notices, Michael struck up a friendly conversation with the man, asking his name. The man responded with "My name is Eileen Ogle, and I run a trance school." Michael is doubtful of this however, as Eileen Ogle is not only a woman's name but also a name Michael already knew from Older Rosen's little adventure in the previous episode did not belong to a real person. Michael expresses his doubt, and the man corrects himself, this time identifying himself as "Jack Davis". Michael is not satisfied however, since he figures there's no such thing as a trance school (a place where people teach you to stare into space? Ridiculous!) and he expresses his doubt again. The man corrects himself again, but this time revealing that he is not actually called "Jack Davis" but rather The Presents Inspector, and that he also goes to bed goes to bed goes to bed goes to bed. Michael is understandably still confused, and expresses his confusion, asking what the driiiiink he's talking about now. The Presents Inspector responds by telling Michael that some woman said he said someone else lied, and more of that kind of thing that doesn't actually answer anything. Older Rosen comes in to say hi to Michael in his usual fashion (i.e. surprising Michael and knocking him over). Older Rosen sees The Presents Inspector rambling, and responds by telling him to shut his mouth when he's eating. This confuses The Presents Inspector, who says he isn't eating. Older Rosen responds with "Shut up, stinks! You can't rule my butt!" The Presents Inspector has no response. Michael jokingly suggests that he attend a hypnotizing school and leaves.

Older Rosen ends the episode by yelling about his petrified dairy products.


  • "Exploration" from Bit.Trip Core soundtrack