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The Pocketfoogle
The Pocketfoogle - Normal.png
Biographical information
Occupation ???
Related to Jack (brother)
Age ???
First Appears In Beneath The Café

The Pocketfoogle is a character who appears rarely in The Rosen Family Chronicles, and has hostile intentions towards Michael. He has the power to grow very large (and turn red and deepen his voice in the process). His real name is unknown.

Known Information

The Pocketfoogle captures Michael Rosen from Chocolate Swiss Cafe by putting drug things (liquified sleeping pills, not that other kind of drug things) in his chocolate sauce on top of Michael's freshly ordered Hollywood Sundae. He claims to have tried to murder Michael, as when he discovers Michael's alive, he shouts out "Oh no, you're not dead!" He brings Michael underneath the café (for some reason Older Rosen is also down there) where he and Michael begin fighting, with the Pocketfoogle assuming his giant form, where he turns red and his voice becomes lower. Michael's really long rolled up comic was not enough to beat him, but Older Rosen saved the day by repeatedly punching him, thus making him assume his small form, allowing Michael and Older Rosen to escape.

Later, the Pocketfoogle somehow finds out where the three Rosens are staying in Rio de Janiero, and goes there, looking for Michael. When he finds Brian Rosen there, he questions Brian, asking him where Michael is. When Brian answers "I don't know", this aggravates the Pocketfoogle, making him assume his giant, red state. Brian runs away in terror, and Older Rosen once again defeats the Pocketfoogle, causing him to fly off the balcony.

The Pocketfoogle later had another run-in with Michael in Spain, this time finally explaining his motivations for wanting Michael dead. According to him, his brother is Jack, and after Jack was sent to prison for drug dealing thanks to being ratted out by Michael, The Pocketfoogle swore revenge against him, later shoving science up his butt, giving him his powers. However, Michael does not sympathize, so the two get into a fight. Michael at first is no match for The Pocketfoogle's powers, but after tricking him into shrinking back down to normal size to fit through a cafe door, Michael gets the upper hand, and then later finishes him off with a wall bar and leaves. The Pocketfoogle fell into a fountain but otherwise seems alive and well.


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