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The King & Friends Randomness is a series of videos also by 256PiAlternate that occasionally crosses over into the plotline of The Rosen Family Chronicles, starring The CD-i Gang and taking place almost exclusively in the CD-i World. Some find the series notable for its gratuitous use of Hanna-Barbera sound effects and overall complete insanity, especially in the later episodes.


Ep. Number Name Airdate Length
1 The King & Friends Randomness 6/12/12 2:45
2 The King & Friends Randomness #2 8/25/12 3:55
3 The King & Friends Randomness #3 10/17/12 4:14
4 The King & Friends Randomness #4 1/14/13 4:20
5 The King & Friends Randomness #5 3/9/13 3:43
6 The King & Friends Randomness #6 7/10/13 3:54
7 The King & Friends Randomness #7 10/4/13 4:18
8 The King & Friends Randomness #8 6/18/14 4:36
9 The King & Friends Randomness #9 2/1/15 5:01
10 The King & Friends Randomness #10 11/25/15 6:07
11 The King & Friends Randomness #11 12/16/16 9:06
12 The King & Friends Randomness #12 10/24/18 11:32
N/A (between

8 & 9)

The King & Friends Randomness:

Kravindish's Krazy Adventurez

1/22/15 2:09
N/A Hyrule Apocalypse! 2/26/13 0:54
N/A The Vicious Cycle of Hyrule Castle 7/28/13 0:46
N/A Kravindish's Krazy Adventurez 8/24/13 1:02
N/A Moar Kravindish's Krazy Adventurez 1/10/14 0:49
N/A reallty fgood ytp i made like sub fav 4/1/14 1:41


4/1/15 0:18
N/A The King's Illegal Evening (Remake) 1/25/16 3:04
N/A Ytp The King's Adventures In MSPAINT!!! 4/1/17 2:00

Episode Synopses[]


The King & Friends Randomness[]

  • The King says "Mah Boi" a lot. Link wonders if he can say anything else, but the King just says he's bored. Link joins in saying "My boy".
  • Morshu tries to sell lamp oil, rope, and bombs to Kravindish, who doesn't want them and says they're illegal. Morshu replies by saying "MMMMM" a lot. Kravindish is not amused.
  • Impa tries to find out what the Triforce of Wisdom promises, only to find out that it's broken. The King asks Link how this is possible. Link, holding a hammer, replies that it was too boring.
  • Gwonam reports to The King that Ganon and his minions died, then returned, then died, then returned, then died, then returned, then died, then returned.
  • At dinner time (pictured), Link says he's so hungry he could eat everyone's heads.
  • Fari tries to point out Duke Onkled as the traitor. The King at first pays no attention, then asks where the traitor is. Duke Onkled denies that he is the traitor, so The King takes his word for it. Fari tries to persuade the King that Duke Onkled is the traitor, but Link interrupts to say that Fari's spaghetti is being served for dinner.
  • George the Baker tells Zelda that Link could eat over 9000 of his cakes, and Zelda agrees. Ganon says that his cakes are the greatest in Koridai. This freaks out George, who runs out of the room.


The King & Friends Randomness #2[]

  • The King says "Hmmm" a few times. Link calls for him, and the King looks up, but does not see him. Impa shows Link's face in the Triforce of Wisdom. The King freaks out, telling Impa to take Link out of the Triforce. Link then says "King, I'm here" to show that he's not actually inside the Triforce.
  • Impa says that everyone's been taken to Tykogi Tower. Kravindish says that this is illegal. Impa continues by mentioning that Kravindish's car is also in Tykogi Tower. Kravindish simply responds with "Oh no."
  • Zelda tells Link that they will be having a feast. The King says "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL".
  • Gwonam tells The King that Ganon and his minions have seized Koridai again. The King responds with "Hmm. How can we we we we we we we WE WE WE WE WE WE WE WE WE WE WE WE WE WEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWE" and explodes.
  • George the Baker complains that his cakes will burn, but Impa tells him that they've been taken to Tykogi Tower, and Kravindish tells him that his cakes are illegal. George then corrects himself, saying that his cakes will die, before WHEESHing off into oblivion.
  • Morshu calls the king out for being oily and obese. The King denies this. Morshu then says he's just obese. The King is about to deny this as well, but then wonders what's for dinner instead.
  • The King tells an empty wall to scrub all the floors in Hyrule. Link asks where Fari and Duke Onkled are. The King doesn't know.
  • Kravindish asks Morshu (pictured) for a map (so he can find his car). Morshu first gives Kravindish a crudely drawn map with just his shop and Hyrule Castle marked on it. Kravindish asks where Tykogi Tower is, and Morshu sloppily points out Tykogi Tower on the map. He then says "MMM" a few times.
  • Wii U.
  • The King performs a short YTPMV of "Break My Soul" by Hybrid.
  • Ganon, atop Tykogi Tower, asks Kravindish to join him. Kravindish refuses, demanding to know where his car is. Ganon says that his car was parked illegally, so he threw it into the pit. Kravindish responds with "This is silly, you know."


The King & Friends Randomness #3[]

  • The King makes a lot of incomprehensible stuttering noises. This makes Ganon freak out, and an explosion occurs.
  • The King and Link have pizza for dinner. Link is too stuffed to have the last piece, so The King eats it. It's what all true warriors strive for.
  • Gwonam flies in to see The King and Link wearing masks of each other and imitating each other. Gwonam knocks their masks off, then sees Impa wearing a Zelda mask, Ganon wearing a Hectan mask, Fari wearing a (badly made) Duke Onkled mask, and George the Baker wearing a Kravindish mask. Kravindish objects by saying this is illegal.
  • The Astronomer dances to "The Stars" by Moby.
  • Ganon asks The King to join him. The King says he'll consider it if Ganon scrubs all the floors in Hyrule. Ganon obliges.
  • Fari calls Duke Onkled a traitor for beating him in chess. Kravindish remarks that this is legal, you know.
  • George says "Cakes" a lot.
  • Impa says Tykogi Tower's been taken to Tykogi Tower. No one understands what that means (pictured).
  • Link picks up a deflated Harlequin. A trollface appears in the corner and starts singing the Trololo song.
  • Gwonam tells everyone to see his beautiful map. Then he ear-rapes The King.
  • The King and Link pretend to be Orbital, while playing their song "Where Is It Going?" Gwonam flies by.
  • Ganon finishes scrubbing all the floors in Hyrule. The King still refuses to join him, causing Ganon to say "Screw you".


The King & Friends Randomness #4[]

  • Link asks the King what time it is. Ganon answers "Noon" for him. Link tells Ganon to go away.
  • Link asks Morshu for bombs. Morshu doesn't have any. He then asks for rope, but Morshu doesn't have any rope either, just lamp oil. Link then asks for MMM, and Morshu is happy to oblige. He MMMs the Skyrim theme.
  • Link screws up his line, takes off his shirt, and picks up the king.
  • George is afraid his cakes will burn. Ganon confirms that "dumb cakes are burnin'!" to which George lets loose an angry "FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU"
  • .wonk uoy ,lagelli si sihT
  • Link comes into Ganon's lair wearing shades. Ganon tells him to leave him alone. Link says he wants rope and bombs. Ganon asks him why he's wearing shades, and Link responds with "Shades look cool!"
  • Duke Onkled tells Zelda (pictured) how to get into Reesong Club: go all the way left and move the speakers, and ecstasy opens the gate. Big surprise, Orbital is performing "Wonky" there. Zelda dances with Iron Knuckle.
  • The King says you're gonna love his nuts.
  • The King sings the song from "Fabulous Secret Powers".
  • Kravindish is about to say something is illegal, but suddenly goes on a long acid trip set to "This Is What It Means" by Hybrid.
  • Link brings rope and bombs to Morshu. Link tries again to buy bombs, but this time he--
  • Illegal Illegal Illegal Illegal Illegal Illegal Illegal
  • --doesn't have enough rupees. Link simply responds with "Golly!"
  • The King quotes QuibbyJibby after "THE END" rolls.


The King & Friends Randomness #5[]

  • The King is about to tell Link that this peace is what all true warriors strive for, but Kravindish interrupts him.
  • Fari and Duke Onkled play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! on their Gamecube. For whatever reason they're playing as Peach and Diddy Kong.
  • Link pretends to be Morshu, who is not amused.
  • Gwonam tells the King that Ganon and his minions have seized the island of Koridai, then speaks gibberish and flies off.
  • Valve.
  • Kravindish confiscates Fari and Duke Onkled's TV and Gamecube. They chase after him.
  • Ganon runs in the 90's. (Or points downward in the 90's, I guess.)
  • The King performs "Gangnam Style".
  • A mirror breaks, causing a Link clone to appear.
  • Duke Onkled and Fari chase Kravindish around, asking him to give it back or have mercy to no avail. Gwonam appears from out of nowhere for no reason.
  • The King performs more Gangnam Style.
  • Gwonam warns Ganon that only Links can defeat him. Ganon, confused, asks "What the fuck are you talking about?" The Link clones appear and answer his question for him.
  • Kravindish tries to give the Gamecube to the King, saying "Your majesty, THIS IS an illegal N-6-4." Fari and Duke Onkled beg The King to reconsider (pictured). The King not only says does he not want it (he already has a Wii U) but also corrects Kravindish in that it's a Gamecube, not an N64. Kravindish returns the Gamecube and the TV.


The King & Friends Randomness #6[]

  • Gwonam flies in one night to ask Link the time, but only finds Kravindish... being Kravindish, I guess.
  • Zelda wakes up Impa to tell her that The King has gone catatonic (or rather, "won't move".)
  • Ushrom tries to imitate a balloon and dies.
  • Link pretends to be Painis Cupcake. This somewhat disturbs Morshu (pictured).
  • Yor face.
  • Fari and Duke Onkled watch Vince slap his nuts. Duke Onkled gets hungry.
  • Hyper-speed illegal.
  • Gwonam and Link use their usual quotes to get The King to respond, but nothing works.
  • Kravindish tackles Morshu.
  • The King recites "Cool Guy and Fool Guy" by Michael Rosen. At least, in his mind. Where Michael happens to be for some reason.
  • The King then performs a YTPMV of "In Good We Trust" by Hybrid.
  • Kravindish tackles Mario.
  • Duke Onkled and Fari try their usual quotes to get The King to respond. Duke Onkled then tries telling him he'll give him the secret cakes for dinner. That works.
  • More hyper-speed illegal.


The King & Friends Randomness #7[]

  • The King and Link are hungry. Zelda does not know what's for dinner, so The King decides to take Link to Gamelon for take-out dinner.
  • Following the events of this video, Gwonam spazzes out upon seeing Ganon. Ganon zaps Gwonam into oblivion.
  • No Hotel Mario.
  • The King says the secret password "EM DEVAS UOY" (pronounced "peeyem yes-swee") which catapults them through the roof and into the castle's outskirts.
  • Distorted Kravindish.
  • Duke Onkled dances to "Across The Ocean" by Zircon.
  • The King and Link get into The King's car, which flies off. In the car ride, Link reminds The King that he won the Don't Be Cheeky sweepstakes (pictured), so The King drives off to London to find out where they can get the Rupees.
  • Fari dances to "Across The Ocean" by Zircon.
  • Ganon performs a YTPMV of the Seinfeld theme, only to be tackled by Kravindish.
  • Link comes to Hackney Flat Complex to find Brian Rosen, who tells him the sweepstakes prize is a bag of plums. Link uses this as his dinner, and advises The King to get everything else for his own dinner.
  • Duke Onkled, Fari, and the Astronomer dance to "Across The Ocean" by Zircon. How the Astronomer got there is unknown.
  • Following the events of this video, Gwonam spazzes out upon seeing a clone of himself. Morshu comes in and bombs the area, confusing the video's creator.
  • The King comes to Morshu's shop to pick up dinner, asking for Munf Munf. Morshu doesn't have any, so he instead offers lamp oil to drink.
  • Distorted Kravindish again. By the way, that came from George the Baker's acid trip. Kravindish states the obvious.
  • The King flies the car into Hyrule Castle. He and Zelda laugh, until Kravindish tackles The King.
  • Pootis.


The King & Friends Randomness #8[]

  • Morshu stutters a bit. Link flies in from out of nowhere in and smashes into him.
  • The King is doing hyper-speed mah-boi's. Gwonam tries to talk to him, which startles The King, making him fly off into oblivion. The King then falls back down on Gwonam in mid-rave, smushing Gwonam into the floor and sending Link flying as well. Gwonam tells the King to stop smoking crack. The King refuses, then notices that Link is gone. Link flies into Morshu, who is not pleased.
  • George the Baker says "cakes" and "burn" to the rhythm of a Mario Kart song.
  • Duke Onkled is playing Smash Bros Melee. Fari warns Duke Onkled to take cover from Kravindish, who is flying in to tackle them. Kravindish misses and slams into the wall behind them.
  • Duke Onkled and Fari get revenge on Kravindish for tackling everybody.
  • Morshu stutters some more. Ganon appears and steals Link.
  • Fari flings Kravindish into oblivion.
  • The King decides to rescue Link, so he goes to his car and drives to Morshu's. Morshu asks him to use the door from now on and also informs him that Ganon just ran away with Link.
  • Kravindish runs into a nearby cave, and notices a trash can. The lid of the trash can rattles, and the Trash Fairy peeks out. Kravindish soils his pants and flees, with the Trash Fairy chasing him close behind.
  • Duke Onkled, Fari and the Astronomer rave to "Augment" by Zircon.
  • The King and Morshu walk by a truck labeled "Loads 2 Eat" (presumably the same one from here) and The King drifts into a dinner fantasy. Morshu taps The King's shoulder to snap him out of it.
  • Zelda is curious as to why The King has been gone for so long, and (despite Impa's reassurances that he's alright) goes off to find him. She notices the car is gone, and asks Gwonam for a ride.
  • The Trash Fairy continues to pursue Kravindish. She uses magic to blast him into oblivion, sending him flying right into Michael Rosen's flat (pictured).
  • Duke Onkled, Fari and the Astronomer hyper-rave to "Augment" by Zircon.
  • Everybody finds Ganon with Link. Ganon requests that The King join him, but once again The King refuses. Morshu then threatens Ganon with bombs, persuading Ganon to return Link. Everyone returns home.
  • The King of Crack.


The King & Friends Randomness #9[]

  • An old phonograph plays "Revolution #9" by The Beatles. Vegeta interrupts, The King interrupts Vegeta, and we return to The King and Link cracking dumb jokes. Mini-Kravindish complains about the low quality of their jokes.
  • Ganon asks Zelda to join him. Zelda asks why she should. Ganon continues to beg.
  • Kravindish is up in a tree (after the events of The King & Friends Randomness: Kravindish's Krazy Adventurez). Inverse Gwonam flies in to blow him up, but fails to do so. The two get into a turn-based battle, in which Inverse Gwonam survives Kravindish's powerful ear-rape and emerges victorious by blowing him up. Kravindish flies off... again.
  • The King asks Link if he wants to go out for dinner, and Link says sure. The King says the new secret password, "Yay Yes", and the two go flying through the roof and barely missing the car.
  • Ganon continues to beg. Zelda politely rejects him and leaves. Ganon, saddened, attempts to ask Hectan to join him. Hectan, being a douchebag, refuses.
  • George the Baker dances to "Close To You" by The Avalanches.
  • Kravindish lands in Gamelon, and enters a house. Inside he finds the Trash Fairy. Mark Sabine comments on how repetitive this series has become.
  • Morshu MMMs a slightly off-timing YTPMV of "Better" by Cat and The Menagerie (which Casper subtly criticizes), and The King's car bursts through the roof. Mark Sabine appears again for no reason. The King says that he used the door, and Zelda refutes him off-screen.
  • Michael Rosen makes a cameo for no reason other than to appear in the thumbnail so people might actually watch the video (pictured).
  • Duke Onkled and Fari play Smash Bros Melee. Fari is Samus and Duke Onkled is Bowser.
  • An explosion appears in the house in Gamelon, and Kravindish is seen flying off. The Astronomer appears to comment that the stars are made of ice. Seems legit.
  • The King and Link pretend to be The Chemical Brothers. Morshu watches them fantasize and scoffs.
  • Gwonam spazzes out upon seeing Ganon. Ganon stops the bit to ask where Zelda is, and Gwonam refuses to tell him. Zelda then appears. Ganon asks again for Zelda to join him, and Zelda once again asks him why she should. Ganon responds by saying he's lonely in the pit, and his minions (namely Hectan) are dicks. Zelda takes pity on him and promises to stop by for a little. Ganon, overjoyed, says "Yay Yes!" and is catapulted through the roof.
  • Kravindish drops into George's raving, and the Trash Fairy appears to FIRE HER LAZOR and blast the two into oblivion. They bounce off The King's car. Zelda arrives at Ganon's and asks him what kind of music he likes, and he puts on Nightmares On Wax. Kravindish lands in the background.
  • OoOoOoOoO.


The King & Friends Randomness #10[]

  • Gwonam is flying for a bit, but a random explosion occurs, causing him to fall out of the sky.
  • Link hits the gong over Zelda's bed to wake her up. After asking why he did it, she defies him and goes back to sleep. The King comments that Link failed. Link asks how he should go about waking her up, and The King takes a long sip from his goblet.
  • At the CD-i Cafe, Dr. Robotnik is ordering tea, and Duke Onkled goes over to serve him some. Gwonam falls down into the cafe, and asks if anyone wants a ride on his carpet. Fari says he'll pass.
  • In the segment "Fun Times with Ganon & His Minions", the audience applauds Ganon. Hectan asks Ganon where he is, to which Ganon responds, "Oh, not this shit again." The audience laughs, and Ganon gets angry at the audience, saying that people who bring a laugh track to his lair will dai. He then tells Hectan to keep his face in check, while Hectan wipes his face all over the screen.
  • Random distorted Kravindish because of course.
  • The King, having just taken a big sip out of his goblet, is not responding. Link asks what he just drank, but then realizes it's probably crack again, and says "Actually, why do I even ask?" Sure enough, The King goes nuts and runs off. This conveniently wakes Zelda up. She tells Link to stop the King, but Link thinks he's unable to do it, so Zelda tries to do it herself. Zelda and The King are about to get into a turn-based battle, but Zelda just says "Stop", and The King, noticing that she's awake, does so. Link applauds her skills in battle.
  • Kravindish runs into some witches in Sakado, who have an illegal copy of the movie Frozen. Kravindish, of course, tackles them, and the witches disappear.
  • Back at the cafe, Gwonam's carpet finally touches down... directly on top of him. Duke Onkled comes in to serve Robotnik the tea, and sees Gwonam struggling to get out from under the carpet. The carpet flies off, taking Duke Onkled's tea kettle with it. As Duke Onkled, Fari, and Gwonam stand dumbfounded, Robotnik complains that his tea is drifting off into deep space.
  • George the Baker is having another rave party. Meanwhile, Ganon is repeatedly saying "yo face", and one of George's cakes falls on his head. Hectan advises him to kick George's ass. Ganon comes into George's bakery and turns off his music. George turns around to see Ganon glaring at him, and in response, he soils his pants.
  • Morshu is bored, so he sets up a contraption with his lamp oil, rope, and bombs, forming a makeshift rocket, which sends him high into the sky.
  • Tim Rowett appears in Hyrule Castle to give the King some balloons (which have faces for some reason). The King wonders what is going on, and Tim explains they can help him fly. The balloons lift The King up a few inches off the ground (pictured), so he announces to Zelda that he's going into the sky. He does just that.
  • Kravindish goes to the back section of Sakado, which is only accessible through some random lady's window (as is the case in the actual game). He walks into a different house, and finds the house to contain an empty void, which he falls down. The void leads to the Fairy Pool, which Kravindish lands in. A fairy congratulates him, saying "You're our hero!" Kravindish is in disbelief at a fairy actually complimenting him, so he asks "Oh, really?" but as expected she doesn't actually mean that. She promptly fires a LAZOR at Kravindish, sending him flying again, but he lands directly into the Trash Fairy's bunker, so she quickly smacks him out, and fires another LAZOR at Kravindish, sending him flying directly into Ganon, conveniently preventing him from tormenting George.
  • Zelda and Link agree to stop The King and bring him back down to the ground. Link asks for the password to activate the springboard, which Zelda (after the accident from last episode) has reset to "Em Devas Uoy". They go flying up, but instead of landing on The King's car, they land on Gwonam's carpet, which was conveniently flying above them. Link says he saved Zelda from boring, but Zelda says he did not.
  • George has started up the rave party again, this time with Kravindish and Ganon joining in on the dancing.
  • The King is still floating upwards, but he's gone so far up that the balloons all pop. The King falls back down, but safely lands on the carpet.
  • Meanwhile, Morshu is still flying upwards himself and performing a YTPMV, but he drops a bomb, which lands on the carpet, sending everyone plummeting down. Everyone falls into the CD-i Cafe, where the carpet falls back on Gwonam; Link, Zelda and The King fall on the ground offscreen, and the tea kettle falls onto Robotnik, who is happy to finally serve himself.
  • Mario's Head claims that everything was his impression of American advertising. Nope.


The King & Friends Randomness #11 (feat. NDM64)[]

  • Inverse Morshu comes flying through a city riding a bomb. Ganon knocks him out of the way, yelling "You dare burn Koridai? You must die!" and attempts to finish him off, but his alarm clock goes off and he realizes he was only dreaming of becoming the hero.
  • Link says he doesn't want to participate in a feast because dinner is boring. The King suggests they have dinner for dinner, but Link suggests they find a fancy restaurant like those in cooking shows on TV. As The King, Link and Zelda are about to leave, Gwonam tries to warn them that Ganon's minions have seized the island of Koridai, only to be basically ignored as everyone goes up in The King's car (although The King misses the car at first).
  • Kravindish does nothing.
  • In the segment "Fun Times with Ganon & His Minions", Ganon says thank you to the studio audience, and realizes Hectan and all his other minions have up and disappeared. He distracts the audience and then goes out in the rain to find them, only to find Gwonam delivering the news that they all left to seize Koridai without him. Ganon complains that they're doing his job and Gwonam advises him to conquer his minions (as Link is off with The King getting dinner). Ganon agrees but only if Gwonam will join him, and Gwonam gives in. Realizing that he's finally succeeded in getting someone to join him, Ganon does a victory dance.
  • Fari and Duke Onkled act out the Hotel Mario intro for no reason. I.M. Meen makes a small appearance as well, as does Graham Chapman, who cuts off the segment at the end, saying it's time for a car.
  • The King is flying through the sky in his car with Zelda and Link. Mario's Head is off to the side and singing a song, and The King knocks into him several times.
  • Kravindish still does nothing.
  • Ganon and Gwonam go around Koridai, whilst Gwonam sings "South Side" by Moby, but are pwned by Hectan.
  • Older Rosen appears for the custom thumbnail, and is randomly joined by Morshu, Mario's Head, and Fari for no reason.
  • The stars are made of ice.
  • Fari notices that there's too many traitors in a room full of toasters, but before he can do anything about it he is cut off by multiple Graham Chapmans.
  • In NDM64's segment, "Gwonam & Ganon's EPIC!!!! Minion Hunt", Ganon and Gwonam run around Koridai trying to defeat Ganon's minions, while Ganon arms himself with a "Pum-Kannon" stolen from The King's basement and shoots everything in sight (including Brian Rosen). Gwonam announces "It is done!" and they celebrate. Ganon asks how many they've destroyed, to which Gwonam answers 12, and Ganon points out he has 18,000 minions. They are quickly overwhelmed, and later return to Hyrule Castle. Gwonam figures out they need to beat the Faces of Evil, and conveniently they all happen to be on a bus driving right in front of Hyrule Castle. Ganon shoots them and does his M. Bison impersonation, only to be shot by Brian Rosen, who wanted payback and stole a "Head Cannon" from The King's basement himself.
  • The King, Link, and Zelda fall directly on the set of Iron Chef, because of course.
  • Kravindish still does nothing. The "Kravindish's Krazy Adventurez" title tries to convince him otherwise, but he just knocks it back out of the way and continues to do nothing.
  • Ganon and Gwonam meet Hectan for the final battle. Ganon and Hectan shoot at each other for awhile, are interrupted by Impa, and continue shooting each other. Gwonam falls off his carpet, which flies at Hectan and KILLLLLLS him. Gwonam congratulates Ganon, but Ganon is worried about his minion, who un-KILLLLLLS himself. Ganon tells him not to do this shit again and Hectan apologizes.
  • The King plugs 256Pi's Vidme account. Too bad Vidme is no longer a thing.


The King & Friends Randomness #12 (feat. Meleemario720)[]

  • The King flies his car through space, past Planet Kravindish and landing in the usual spot in his backyard. He dances his way back into Hyrule Castle and is greeted by Gwonam, who he blames for throwing off his groove. Gwonam talks about staying woke or something and The King decides to go to Gamelon to get away from his corny ass. He invites Link and Zelda to come along with him, and while Zelda agrees to come with, Link stays back, telling the King he needs to fight the Duckwalk. The King and Zelda take off in the car once again, though are thrown off track a bit by Mario's Head.
  • Morshu is air guitaring in his shop (while imagining he's standing in front of speakers and holding a real guitar) but he is interrupted by Mario and Luigi who have entered the shop, looking for something. Morshu goes through his usual sales pitch, but Mario ends up inspecting the safe on his desk. Morshu tells them to stay away from it, they can't take his Rupees. But Luigi holds him at gunpoint...
  • Kravindish interrupts the scene with a This Is America parody.
  • Morshu isn't actually afraid of Luigi's gun, since he kind of has bombs everywhere. He takes one out, and Mario and Luigi flee the scene. Morshu sets a bomb off next to them, but a bit too late, they got away.
  • Duke Onkled is working out with his key, but Fari calls him from downstairs. Duke Onkled falls into the other room to find that he and Fari are face to face with Ganon. Duke Onkled begs Ganon not to hurt him, but Ganon cuts him off, telling the two of them "You... are my PRISON." As Duke Onkled deflates slightly, Ganon reveals it was just a prank, bro, and laughs at their terrified-looking reactions.
  • Meanwhile The King and Zelda are still in the car and falling out of the sky. Conveniently, they fall directly on top of Ganon. The King says hi to Duke Onkled, who asks for mercy (for whatever reason). The King responds with some nonsense, Zelda asks him to just make coherent sentences, and The King cuts her off, immediately speeding out of the room.
  • Link is lying on his face in the castle's basement, and he finally stands up, ready to fight the Duckwalk. Sure enough, lower down in the basement, there are some quacking noises and the Duckwalk falls over onto the basement floor itself. Link jumps down to fight it, but ends up having sex with it instead. (The Duckwalk doesn't seem to react in any way, though Older Rosen expresses his disgust at the scene.)
  • For whatever reason that isn't shown onscreen, The King's car crashed and ended up in a flaming wreckage, while he and Zelda look on at the ruins from the side. Gwonam is about to tell them "Look what has happened!" but Zelda shooes him away. The King notes that his car is fucked, and Zelda after a sarcastic remark asks him what they'll be doing next. The King suddenly remembers that he has a ship as well. After a bit of praising his ship, Zelda reminds him that he'd need to get his ship, which he remembers is still in the ocean back in Hyrule, so that won't help them any. Morshu, still chasing Mario and Luigi to get his safe back, accidentally drops a bomb next to them and sends them flying. The King ends up in front of a fake sky backdrop and Zelda calls him over.
  • Obligatory rave scene featuring George the Baker, Kravindish, and Chris Joel.
  • In Meleemario720's section, Morshu has been sent flying by the explosive grooves of the previous rave scene, and bangs into a tree. Some kids from a Super Mario Sunshine commercial come from out of nowhere and chase him around. A very strange-looking Mario drops a piece of trash next to him to make him slip and fall over. Morshu lands right next to Mario, who takes off on FLUDD and flies directly at him to attack him, but just misses. Luigi then sucks Morshu up with his vacuum, though since Morshu is too big to fit, the vacuum explodes instead and he goes flying in the other direction while being set on fire. Morshu lands on a block, which Luigi kicks, sending Morshu flying up into the sky and into orbit. While floating in space for a bit, he comes across the floating face of Tim Curry, who tells him where he is.
  • The King and Zelda have ended up in Dodomai Palace. Zelda threatens an iron statue of Knuckles, but after The King calls Zelda away, the statue is just stolen by Gary Brannan. The King runs across another room and directly into Zelda, who he bounces off and crash lands in yet another room. Zelda finally catches up with him, and they spot something on the other side of the room, a giant flashing Eye in the Sky. Gwonam tells them what it is and that it will lead them to the Shrine of Die, and The King notes that Gwonam rhymed. Meanwhile, Tim Rowett is messing with one of his toys, which creates a large flame, spooking The King into running directly into the Eye in the Sky. Zelda chases after him and the two of them are transported into the Shrine of Die (really just a cave underneath the palace). The King comments on how that escalated quickly.
  • Link finishes his fight with the Duckwalk and returns to the ground floor of the castle. He looks around for The King, but then remembers he and Zelda went to Gamelon. Wondering what they're up to, Link remembers the spring in the ground that he can maybe use to get to Gamelon with them if he knows the password. He tries saying what he thinks the password sounds like but (big surprise) it doesn't work. Gwonam flies in to give Link a hint as to how to say the password. Link misunderstands his clue and says "You saved me backwards!" After a long pause though, I guess the spring system decided that was close enough and sends Link flying into space. After passing by Planet Kravindish, Morshu, and Tim Curry, he is stopped by Jupiter Jack, who holds up a stop sign and tells him he can't go any further. Link agrees and falls all the way back down to the castle, deciding he'll need to wait for The King and Zelda. ...And Flash, for whatever reason. Sure enough Flash arrives in the castle a couple of seconds afterwards, and Link appears very excited (though Flash is never seen or mentioned again).
  • Morshu continues to float through space. Tim Curry reappears next to him and knocks him back to earth with his Tesla Tank. Morshu conveniently lands right next to Mario and Luigi who still have his safe. He pulls out three bombs to throw at them, though only throws one to send them flying and get his safe to land back in front of him (though the safe knocks the two bombs away, one of them splashing past a nearby gate leading it to the Shrine of Die). Morshu gives Mario and Luigi both middle fingers and tells them to come back when they're a little, MMM, richer, and then has a quick rave scene of his own.
  • Meanwhile, in the Shrine of Die, The King and Zelda are hopping around looking for a way to exit the area. Kravindish just happens to be there for whatever reason, concealing his Lagic Mantern. And of course, since Kravindish is alone in a strange place, the Trash Fairy shows up once again to harass him. She smashes into him, though accidentally knocks into The King in the process, and Zelda chases after them. A quick fight scene ensues. The King and Zelda both attack the Trash Fairy, but neither are able to land much of any damage. However, when Kravindish attacks, the Trash Fairy quickly counters with a LAZOR, dealing him over 9000 damage and sending him flying again. The King and Zelda run away for their own safety.
  • Kravindish continues to fly into the sky and into space (big surprise, again) though he is stopped by Tim Curry's Tesla Tank. He lands a few feet away from Impa, who is seeing some of the events unfold through the Triforce of Wisdom and noting how dangerous everyone is.
  • The King and Zelda run away from the Trash Fairy. The King comes across Morshu's leftover bomb, and decides he can use it to attack the Trash Fairy (though Zelda appears to know how stupid and dangerous an idea that is). The King ignores Zelda however, throws the bomb right next to the Trash Fairy and runs away. The Trash Fairy, not actually chasing them and wondering what all the ruckus was about, peeks out of the wrong side of her can, but sees the bomb, freaks out, knocks it away and flees herself. The King says that Zelda is saved, until the bomb lands directly next to them. The bomb finally detonates, sending them right out of the Shrine of Die next to a giant wave of water, which splashes them onto their burning car, putting out the fire and rendering it driveable again. Matt Gray notes how contrived the plot is.
  • The King and Zelda finally return to Hyrule Castle in the car, and say hi to Link. Zelda tells them they have to figure out a way to finish the video, and The King decides they should have a forced musical number. Ganon appears (still slightly injured from having a car land on his face) playing "Do Your Thing" by the Basement Jaxx on his electric keyboard, and a final song and dance scene involving nearly everyone previously in the video (along with I.M. Meen who wasn't involved before) ensues. Kravindish interrupts the scene and attacks Ganon's keyboard, causing everyone to look at him funny, and The King yells "ENOUGH" to stop him.
  • Michael and Older Rosen appear within the castle to remind people that 256Pi isn't dead and that more videos are on the way.


The King & Friends Randomness: Kravindish's Krazy Adventurez[]

  • Kravindish stutters. Link sings "Careless" by Deadmau5, and Kravindish tells him that his singing is so bad it's illegal. Link doesn't stop, so Kravindish gently ear-rapes him. Link stops, and Kravindish thanks him. Morshu appears to bomb Kravindish into oblivion. Kravindish lands in the border between Rosen's world and the CD-i world, finding a Mini-King.
  • Kravindish is tackled by himself. They go flying upwards (pictured) and Kravindish lands next to an Electro-Link, who electrocutes him. Meanwhile, Inverse Gwonam is throwing his mini-Ganon Grenades around, but then suddenly can't control his flying and crashes into the Electro-Link and Kravindish. Michael Rosen comments that everyone died and laughs at them for being weak. Inverse Gwonam, butthurt at his blatant lying, crashes into him. Meanwhile Kravindish crashes into a building.
  • That building turns out to be The Royal Snatch, where Kravindish sees a magic lantern that catches his interest. The King, fresh from his YTPMV face-off with Michael Rosen, runs into Kravindish at full speed, sending him out the window. Kravindish flies all the way back to Gamelon, and high up into a tree. The video cuts off, to be picked up with the events in The King & Friends Randomness #9.

Other Spinoff Videos[]

  • Hyrule Apocalypse! is a GIF test set to "Mickey Mars" by The Orb.
  • The Vicious Cycle of Hyrule Castle is a response to Raikujo's "The Vicious Cycle of 2fort". Every scene cut and most of the character movements are synced to the original Raikujo video.
  • Kravindish's Krazy Adventurez and Moar Kravindish's Krazy Adventurez are two more GIF tests that comprise the first and second bullet points of the above video respectively.
  • reallty fgood ytp i made like sub fav, MLG TEH KIGN FUKIN REKS EVRYBUDY & THN GETZ REKT, and Ytp The King's Adventures In MSPAINT!!! are all April Fools videos, the first being a parody of typical low-quality Spadinner poops (featuring 256Pi's voice saying "Spaghetti!"), the second being a spoof of MLG montage parodies (featuring one of 256Pi's least favorite songs ever, "I Just Wanna F" by David Guetta, and the third being a spoof of the YouTuber GradeAUnderA.
  • The King's Illegal Evening (Remake) is exactly what it says on the tin: a remake of one of 256Pi's first YTPs ever (as well as an entry for NDM64's Classic Sources Collab). In the video, the King is about to make spaghetti for dinner on the advice of Gay Luigi but is tackled by Mayor Kravindish (big surprise) and they break into an extensive and pointless car chase until they end up in Ganon's lair and Ganon shoots Kravindish into oblivion. The original video stole several clips straight from MeStarStudios's video "The King Gets Arrested For Nothing", and of course the remake is all 256Pi's material, although the plot and music choices of the video still remain intact.