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Ten Rosen Family Vacation Tapes
Episode # 27 (Season 3, Ep. 2)
Airdate February 2, 2015
Length 0:10

The 27th episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles, also a collab entry for SerialK86's 10 Seconds of Rosen 2 collab. Watch it here.


The episode consists of ten one-second tapes that the Rosens took of each other on various different vacations.

  1. Older Rosen zooms in on Michael standing on top of a rock on the side of a cliff, while Brian stands off to the side. Older Rosen has a little bit of trouble holding the camera properly so it shakes around a bit.
  2. Brian Rosen tapes Michael walking across a log and inaudibly saying "Hello!" Older Rosen chocolates next to him.
  3. Brian tapes Michael in the Arctic, looking up at an aurora. They spot a flying Kravindish in the sky.
  4. Michael tapes Older Rosen and Brian next to a statue. Mark Sabine appears to be saying "sexy" next to the statue's breasts.
  5. Brian tapes Older Rosen jumping into a lake. Michael can be seen giving a disapproving hand-over-the-face look way off to the side.
  6. Brian zooms in on Older Rosen from atop a hill. Michael is standing next to Brian, smiling all over his big face.
  7. Older Rosen tries to tape Michael and Brian while running towards them, but trips and falls over.
  8. Michael tapes himself, overlooking a coastal town.
  9. Brian zooms in past Older Rosen and on Michael and The King, apparently in mid-YTPMV battle.
  10. Michael tapes himself next to Brian and Older Rosen in front of some stone formations. Michael cuts off the video by saying "Stop!"


  • "A Ribbon For My Hair" by Bent


  • This is the shortest episode in the whole of TRFC, at just 10 seconds.