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Sir Chameleon
Biographical information
Occupation Is-Erael 8 Agent
Age ???
First Appears In Brian's Stories

Sir Chameleon works for the anti-terrorist organization, Is-Erael 8. Not much is known about him.

Known Information

Sir Chameleon is first seen at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janiero, expressing his concern over the gum that Brian Rosen frequently chews (that in turn makes his mouth glow). Later he is seen in the Rio Central Building delivering a chocolate cake to his boss, but after a little run-in with Older Rosen and Abdul the Big Guy he ends up chasing after Abdul in his car. Though Older Rosen leaves, said chase continues on well through the night and into the next morning, before they crash through the side of the pyramid where Lollipop Lady was hiding out. Sir Chameleon then joins in the battle to apprehend Lollipop Lady (before eventually arresting her and taking her to prison).

He holds a great deal of respect for his boss, Ashens, and frequently makes chocolate cakes for him (although not particularly well, Ashens has commented on his cakes as "pretty much total flops"). He also keeps a wall bar in the trunk of his car for some reason.

"Sir Chameleon" is an anagram of Michael Rosen.


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