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Biographical information
Occupation YTPer
First Appears In Michael Rosen Vs. The Lollipop Lady, Round II

RootNegativeSixteen is a minor character in The Rosen Family Chronicles with her own YouTube channel. (Not a real person, just a character, though 256Pi ran her account as if she was a separate person entirely for several years.)

Known Information

She once tried to jumpscare Michael Rosen, Brian Rosen and Older Rosen one Halloween, without knowing that she sounds like Lollipop Lady, making her much scarier than she thought. She is shown to live in a windmill in London after Harrybo Scheddle attempted to deliver a letter to the Rosen household, going to her instead. However she was also seen in a basement of some house in the countryside, where she taped Michael's brilliant escape plan, possibly may have lived there at one point but this is unknown for sure. She also appeared behind a giant Older Rosen during Augmented Reality Rog's hallucination. At one point Mayor Kravindish alongside some others attempted to hold her windmill for ransom under the guise of a parking violation, but Michael and Older Rosen helped her get it back and relocate it to a nearby park.



  • Her image is that of Azalyn Goza XVI of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor.
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