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Richard Rosen
Biographical information
Occupation Baker / cook
Related to Older Rosen (brother), Michael & Brian Rosen (cousins)
Age Three years younger than Older Rosen (72?)
First Appears In Michael's Somewhat Noicer Christmas

Richard Rosen is Older Rosen's younger brother.

Early Life[]

Richard Rosen was born in London, three years after his brother Older Rosen. For some reason, he was not born with the chocolate cake obsession or teleporting power of his brother (he likes chocolate cake, he's just not obsessed with it. Also he has about the same arm strength as his brother.) He's the youngest in their house.

He did not attend the University of Nothingham like his cousins, but rather the Universidad de Aceite de Cocina (University of Cooking Oil) in Spain.

Recent Life[]

Richard Rosen lives in an apartment complex in Spain. He makes matzo brei, which according to Older Rosen is some of the best he's ever had. He also plays the guitar, which he keeps in the guest room of his apartment.

One time, he did happen to come across Augmented Reality Rog who was in Spain at the time, but their meeting was cut short due to a train coming through and sending Rog flying into oblivion, much to Richard's confusion.

Occasionally he visits his brother and cousins for Christmas.