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One Day at Chocolate Swiss Cafe
Episode # 28 (Season 3, Ep. 3)
Airdate March 7, 2015
Length 3:48

The 28th episode of The Rosen Family Chronicles. Watch it here.


Harrybo Scheddle warns the viewer that "If you don't watch this, you're gonna make hundreds and hundreds of poor people cry" before going into a commercial for Chocolate Swiss Cafe and in it, he wants to show the food there with his friends. First, Michael Rosen shows us a bowl of ice cream and says how much he loves the ice cream in the cafe. Then, Brian Rosen (whose name was misspelled as "Brain Rosen" for a second) shows the little chocolate swiss rolls he likes. Older Rosen enjoys his Chocolate Cake (which he's already eaten) and meanwhile, Harrybo pulls out his cup of coffee, at which point Older Rosen says to not put coffee in your pants. The commercial ends with Harrybo saying to come to the cafe and Older Rosen saying it's really *click* noice.

The Potatofoogle (the cafe's boss) thinks the commercial was a waste of time and notes that he "...could be teaching little girls to teach toenails to dance." Harrybo then wants to go home, but because of the horrible weather, he decided to stay in the cafe. It was then he noticed the door that leads to the basement. The Potatofoogle at first didn't allow anyone to go there, but that made Harrybo even more curious, so he allows it but says to not touch anything.

Harrybo and Michael go there, only to find nothing but a book lying around. Ignoring what The Potatofoogle said to them, Harrybo opens the book and tells Michael to take a look. In it, they find a picture of Joanna. Harrybo wonders why The Potatofoogle has a picture of her. Michael then tells the story of the early days of the cafe. Back then, it was called "Le Bonaparte", the boss was Mr. Schram and Joanna was his daughter and she also worked as a waitress. The Potatofoogle might have not bothered to move the book or the picture, like how the sign at the cafe still says "Le Bonaparte" on the front. Harrybo thinks this is due to him having no arms or legs, but Michael gets confused as no one actually has legs.

Michael and Harrybo go back upstairs, and Michael finds Older Rosen eating his bowl of ice cream. The episode suddenly then ends with Harrybo showing a montage of facemelt pictures, as a callback to "Michael's Chocolate Swiss Cafe Adventure".


  • "Mas Que Nada" by Rubin Mitchell
  • "George Street Shuffle" by Kevin Macleod
  • "Sanctuary" by ThumpMonks (Submachine 7 OST)
  • "Joanna's Theme" by Herbie Hancock
  • "Divinity" by BT