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Michael Rosen's Random Train Ride
Episode # 2 (Season 1, Ep. 2)
Airdate June 16, 2013 (reuploaded February 6, 2016)
Length 2:33

The second episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles, also originally made as a continuation of the RootNegativeSixteen YTP, "Michael Rosen Gets Into Really, REALLY Big Trouble". Watch it here.


Michael Rosen goes to a shop called Preposterous Presents, but he had to escape his teacher, so he enters the St. Pancras Station platform by coming down the chimney. He then notices a man sliding on the floor of the station, saying "My name is Painis Cupcake, I'm gonna eat you" and smiling all over his big face. Michael dashes away and buys a pizza, then gets on his train. He begins eating his pizza, although since it's hot he only puts a little bit on his mouth and blows until it's cool and he swallows it. This of course makes a big mess. Michael notices the man opposite, who has spiky hair and tomato and cheese all over his face from Michael's blowing. (Said man closely resembles Phoenix Wright.) In order to apologize for spitting pizza in his face, Michael begins raving to "Wonky" by Orbital. Michael then decided that he wouldn't wait for the man to tell him to get off the train, and before he knew it he was heading for the seaside. Michael's mum turns to him and says, "Never mind dear, I don't suppose you'll ask for one of those again, will you?" Michael doesn't suppose he will. Suddenly Michael realizes that his mum shouldn't actually be there, and asks "Who put my mum there?" A random character from asdfmovie says "I did", so Michael rages and explodes. Michael then thanks the poopers for chopping up his face.


  • "Wonky" by Orbital


  • The remastered comp version removes the ending due to it messing up the pace of the story.