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Michael Goes To The Fridge
Episode # 8 (Season 1, Ep. 8)
Airdate October 21, 2013
Length 2:32

The eighth episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles. Watch it here.


Michael Rosen was watching himself. Well actually, he was watching Brian inspect an inspector from Holland. The inspector looked like she had never seen anything quite so Hollywood in all her life. She is never mentioned again.

A few days later, Michael went to the fridge, and wondered what was inside. But the fridge was empty. So Michael went back to sleep and then woke up again, and the fridge was still empty, except for a jug thing. Michael at first doesn't notice it, but then wonders what it is exactly. It appears to have a syrup inside. Michael smells it, and it smells nice. Michael sticks a finger in and tastes it, and is suddenly incapacitated. Brian walks in to see Michael with a dumb look on his face, and figures out that Michael tasted the syrup (though incorrectly assumes he drank the lot). Brian then decides to call Older Rosen, who was imitating a lawn sprinkler. Older Rosen's phone rings, and he turns off the music in his flat. He answers the phone but then realizes that he forgot to pick it up, so he answers again, and asks Brian if he was cleaning his teeth so hard the toothbrush broke. Brian tells him that Michael drank his drug things. Older Rosen wonders what he'll do about it, then telling Brian that he'll go up to his mum and tell her the toothbrush broke. Brian just tells him to come to their flat, and Older Rosen instantly does so (surprising Brian and knocking him over in the process). Brian tells him to do something about Michael, so Older Rosen goes over to Michael, kneels down (so to speak) and starts loudly (and perhaps suggestively) bending and then breaking something. This wakes Michael up. Michael complains that it hurt, but Older Rosen assures him that he was only bending a toothbrush and not y'know. Brian asks Michael if he'll drink from the jug again, and Michael doesn't suppose he will.


  • "Throwdown" by Zircon
  • "Happy Up Here" by Royksopp


  • First appearance and use of the 'Rosen-O-Phone'