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Harold and Connie Rosen
Biographical information
Occupation Professors (both retired)
Related to Michael and Brian (sons), Older Rosen and Richard (nephews)
Age 95 (Harold), 91 (Connie)
First Appears In Michael Rosen's Random Train Ride (Connie), Michael's Parents Get High (Harold)

Harold Rosen and Connie Rosen are the parents of Michael and Brian Rosen. The two had never made a personal appearance in The Rosen Family Chronicles but had been mentioned a number of times in sections of early episodes that Michael narrated, until said sections were actually animated in the Season 3 finale.

Early Life[]

Harold Rosen was born in the United States but moved to London with his mother at age two. Eventually he grew up to become a professor at the University of Nothingham. Connie Rosen grew up in London and also became a professor at Nothingham, where she met her future husband. The two eventually got married, birthing two children, Brian in 1942, and Michael in 1946.

Recent Life[]

At some point, Michael gave his parents a bag of toenail syrup, not knowing that the syrup had fermented into a hallucinogenic and highly addictive drug. Michael's parents were addicted and began behaving strangely, behaviors including but not limited to swimming in the fish tank. This behavior has continued on up to present day, although now in a milder form.

Both of Michael's parents are alive, however they live in a local old-folks home. Both have abstained from taking toenail syrup again in hopes of recovering their sanity.