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Michael's Horrible Halloween
Episode # 9 (Season 1, Ep. 9)
Airdate October 30, 2013
Length 3:03

The ninth episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles, and the first episode rendered in 720p HD. Watch it here.


The episode opens up on a shot of some old run-down buildings in London. The camera zooms in on one building, and we hear a high-pitched voice saying "Heheh, I've got Michael Rosen now..."

Meanwhile, Michael Rosen and Brian Rosen are trick-or-treating, though finding little success; neither has any candy. Michael figures that this is because he's not wearing a costume. However, Older Rosen has somehow managed to score quite a large amount of candy. Before Michael can ask for a piece, Older Rosen can't stop himself from eating his entire load. So Michael decides to look elsewhere, and they all roll down the street. They end up in front of the old run-down buildings from the beginning of the episode. Brian wonders what the buildings are, and Older Rosen reacts ambivalently. Suddenly they hear a funny little voice, the same high-pitched voice from earlier, saying "Hello Michael Rosen!" Michael is freaked out by this voice, whom he believes to be from Lollipop Lady, and he and the others run away from the area as fast as they can.

The person with the high-pitched voice chases them, however, using King Harkinian's car for some reason. They continue to run away. Older Rosen tries getting up close to the car (trying to get the person to believe that he's going upstairs) but Brian tells him to get out of the way. Older Rosen listens at first, but tries getting close to the car again, this time the car hits him and knocks him into oblivion. Michael and Brian watch in horror as Older Rosen goes flying, and Michael cusses, noting that they're heading for disaster. The mystery person slowly starts walking towards Michael and Brian. They try to run away, but their feet... wait, they don't have feet... but they are unable to move out of fear. The mystery person says "Hello!" and Michael screams. The voice then says "Michael Rosen, are you OK? No need to shout..." and Michael realizes that the person wasn't actually Lollipop Lady, it was only RootNegativeSixteen. Root asks where Older Rosen is, causing him to appear right in front of her, surprising her and knocking her over. Older Rosen says "Hi everybody, anything happen today?" and Michael and Brian just give their usual disapproving looks.


  • "Griphop" by Kevin Macleod
  • "Echo from the Earth" by 256 Pi
  • "Norwegian Pirate" by Two Steps From Hell
  • "Break My Soul (Orchestral)" by Hybrid