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Michael's Chocolate Swiss Cafe Adventure
Episode # 13 (Season 1, Ep. 13)
Airdate December 28, 2013
Length 4:20 (yeah yeah, weed joke, I know :P)

The thirteenth episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles, conceived in part with 256Pi's cousin. Watch it here.


Michael and his family (i.e. Michael's parents and Older Rosen) go to this cafe. Michael's dad wants plums in his arse, and Michael's mum muses about how sometimes her father doesn't shave and his face is dead. (Michael explains later that they were still under the influence of toenail syrup.) Michael looks at the menu, and sees tomatoes, plums, toenails, useless information, and marmalade hot food. (It's never specified what exactly this food is.) Michael tries to order a HollyWOOD (which wasn't yet offered at the cafe). Michael's mum scolds Michael for getting his bum stuck in his bum, but this of course only confuses Michael. Annoyed at Michael's attempt to order something that isn't on the menu, the cafe's owner, The Potatofoogle, appears right in the middle of Michael's nose. After The Potatofoogle is further angered by Michael's incorrectly identifying him as "The Nicefoogle", Michael misinterprets this as a reaction to his parents, so he asks them to leave, and they do so (presumably later going mad in the fish tank). The Potatofoogle calms down enough to introduce himself, saying "My name is The Potatofoogle; I teach little girls to keel over and die." Michael is alarmed by the fact that he is talking to a potato. The Potatofoogle is confused by Michael's silence and asks if he can hear him, but Older Rosen answers "Egg on toast, I think" for him. This angers the Potatofoogle again, and he insults them, saying "Your face is really horrible." Older Rosen is offended, and punches The Potatofoogle, knocking him to the ground and further angering him. When The Potatofoogle yells at Older Rosen for resorting to violence, Older Rosen retorts with his usual "Shut up, stinks! You can't rule my life!" Michael, embarrased, stuffs The Potatofoogle into a bag of nothing and returns him to his spot behind the counter, and he and Older Rosen go home. 256 Pi was not amused by the whole debacle, and to get back at them for causing such a ruckus, melts their faces along with his cousin while "Divinity" by BT plays in the background. But then 256 Pi decides to YTPMV that song and embarrasses himself with his less-than-stellar timing/pitching skills. So in the end everyone's even, I suppose.


  • "George Street Shuffle" by Kevin Macleod
  • "Divinity" by BT


  • First appearance of The Potatofoogle and his usual "I'm gonna teach little girls to [insert something unrealistic here]" running joke.

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