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Mervin Scheddle
Biographical information
Occupation Network executive
Related to Harrybo Scheddle (brother)
Age 77
First Appears In Hackney's Got Talent

Mervin is the older brother of Harrybo Scheddle. He owns the local TV channel that hosts Michael's various TV shows, and is therefore Michael's boss.

Early Life

He met Michael and Brian while attending University of Nothingham, presumably through his brother. Though he and Michael were never particularly close, he did become close friends with Brian.

Recent Life

Most of the shows that aired on his channel were also invented by him, such as What's This Ear, The Six O'Clock Nose, and of course Hackney's Got Talent (although the channel's most popular show, Don't Be Cheeky, was invented by Michael). His success on TV show ideas varies, while What's This Ear flopped immediately and The Six O'Clock Nose has tended to come up somewhat short in ratings, Hackney's Got Talent suddenly exploded in ratings shortly after first airing, making it by far the most popular show he had created.

Though he has been behind the scenes since early on in the show, he never made a personal appearance until recently, where the conversation between him and Michael in which he proposed the idea to create Hackney's Got Talent was shown. Michael was doubtful about the show given the lack of success behind the previous shows he'd come up with (and also due to his general distaste over talent shows), but Michael eventually gave in, and the show turned out to be a surprising success. However the show still did not reach the same heights as Don't Be Cheeky, and after lots of persuasion from Michael he finally agreed to cancel the show at the end of its first series in hopes of replacing it with something else.

He also was the director and cinematographer for The Michael Rosen Movie, created as a replacement to Hackney's Got Talent, as well as a once-off Bullitt car chase scene parody created for fun basically.


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