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Lemonade Boys
Biographical information
Occupation Thugs / Foot soldiers
Age ???
First Appears In The Royal Snatch

The Lemonade Boys are the thugs of Abdul the Big Guy, whom he employs to do their dirty work as part of the Lollipop Lady's gang. Wearing identical yellow jumpers, they tend to attack in large numbers with their signature phrase of "Lemonade!" and can quickly overwhelm an opponent. However, they have been repeatedly defeated by Older Rosen.

Known Information[]

When Michael Rosen was unmasked by Mark Sabine in the The Royal Snatch, Rio de Janiero, Abdul the Big Guy called on his Lemonade Boys to catch him and interrogate him. An alarm sounded and a number of the thugs chased him throughout the building. Michael was able to call upon Older Rosen to come to the rescue, who was able to ambush them from round a corner and defeat them.

After the Rosen's found and cornered the Lollipop Lady in her Amazon Temple Hideout, Abdul the Big Guy came to her rescue and again called upon the Lemonade Boys to defeat them. This time, they arrived in much larger numbers and quickly overwhelmed the Rosens. However, Older Rosen again was able to inspire a fight back, turning the tide of the battle and eventually pushing on to defeat the lady herself.

The Lemonade Boys are briefly alluded to in Brian's Tangentially Fridge-Related Adventure, when Brian Rosen and Mervin Scheddle tail the Vindaloo Fetish truck to a service station, hoping it will lead them to clues about Michael's whereabouts. There they encounter Sir Chameleon, who at first erroneously identifies Mervin as a Lemonade Boy on account of his yellow jumper.