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Biographical information
Occupation Drug dealer
Related to The Pocketfoogle (brother)
Age Unknown (around 68)
First Appears In Michael's First Horrible Halloween

Jack is Michael's old drug addict classmate. Not much is known about him.

Known Information[]

Jack was a classmate of Michael Rosen back when he attended the University of Nothingham. He once left a large amount of pills with Harrybo, forcing the latter to seek the help of Michael to dispose of them (which lead to disastrous results). In a non-canon segment of Michael's First Horrible Halloween he is shown giving Harrybo some words of wisdom before rocking out (mimicking the intro to the song "Satan" by Orbital).

Shortly after the incident with Michael and the drugs, Michael implicates Jack as a drug dealer (which is in fact true), and Jack is sent to prison, where he presumably still resides. Jack's brother swore revenge on Michael for this, assuming a new identity as The Pocketfoogle.

It may be inferred that Jack likes toenails, but this has yet to be addressed in any of the poops, and thus is only a theory.