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Is-Erael 8
Is Erael 8 Helicopter.JPG
First Appears In The Last Stand of Augmented Reality Rog

Is-Erael 8 is an anti-terrorist organization run by Ashens. Sir Chameleon works for them as a primary agent.

Not much is seen of the agency itself, aside from a brightly colored helicopter (piloted by Ashens himself) that is seen flying around Rio and a prison area seen in some episodes. The agency is actively working to stop the threat of Lollipop Lady in Season 2, even going after Augmented Reality Rog presumably thanks to his involvement in her operations (although this ends quite violently). With the help of the Rosens, the agency successfully detains Lollipop Lady and has her held in prison, although they are still investigating Lollipop Lady's motives for her extreme actions.