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Harrybo Scheddle
Biographical information
Occupation Advertising agent
Related to Mervin Scheddle (brother)
Age 74
First Appears In Michael Rosen Vs. The Lollipop Lady!

Harrybo Scheddle is Michael Rosen's closest friend. He is often seen joking around but can sometimes be ignorant.

Early Life

Harrybo met Michael in elementary school and went on to attend the University of Nothingham along with him. There he got into a bit of trouble involving drug possession. Fellow student Jack (last name unknown) poured out a number of pills into his lap during a science lecture before running away, so Harrybo went over to Michael to help him find a way to get the drugs off his hands. At first they planned to feed them to the ducks, but an inspector showed up unexpectedly to ask Michael what people eat in Holland, leading Michael to accidentally swallow the pills, and badly hallucinate. Harrybo had to explain to the inspector what happened, and both were taken to jail until Michael eventually stopped hallucinating later that night and everything was lovely once again, wonderful.  

Recent Life

Once, while with Michael, he was attacked by Lollipop Lady, who threatened to murder him. Michael responded by attempting to rescue him, first by trying (and failing) to hypnotize her and after that by almost hitting both with a car and threatening to take her to London Airport "for your wallbars". Lollipop Lady fell unconscious and Harrybo dashed away from the scene, faster than an electronic rabbit.


Harrybo currently works as an advertising agent. He recently tried to record an advertisement for Chocolate Swiss Cafe ("Don't put coffee in your pants!"), only to have the offer turned down by The Potatofoogle. He has also recently had his car wrecked when Michael was thrown into it by Geeplug Pu Melanai, later having it towed away by Barack Obama.

Harrybo currently lives in a big luxurious house in London. While the house seems small on the outside, the main living room is spacious and very luxurious, much like a mansion. There is also another room in the house, which looks similar to Michael's house, but with a yellow background instead of a white one.



  • This character is based on Michael Rosen's childhood friend nicknamed "Harrybo".
    • The real Harrybo's name was "Brian Harrison", and died 10 or 15 years ago.
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