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Fred Schram
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Biographical information
Occupation Cafe Owner
Age 78 When He Died.
First Appears In One Day At Chocolate Swiss Cafe

Fred Schram was the father of Joanna Schram (or Lollipop Lady, as you may know her as).  He was also the former owner of Le Bonaparte, which is now the Chocolate Swiss Cafe. 

Known Information

Nothing is known about Fred's youth and early life.  When we see him, he is the owner of Le Bonaparte, a cafe in Hackney.  His daughter, Joanna Schram, worked as a waitress there.  

At one point he got into a car accident by driving over a spoiled chocolate swiss roll and was seriously injured, however he survived and recovered. Many years later, Le Bonaparte's business was doing poorly and found him unable to pay rent for the building and evicted, after which The Potatofoogle bought the place off.  

Given the relative ages of most of the main characters in this series, Fred is shown to have died (presumably of old age) years before the main plotline has begun.  


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