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"Don't Be Cheeky" is a talk show hosted by Michael and Brian Rosen. The show is said to be very popular. This popularity, however, has possibly led to the cancellation of many shows, including Hackney's Got Talent, and What's This Ear (though What's This Ear was revived as a one-off special on a Don't Be Cheeky episode).


Don't Be Cheeky is first seen in TRFC in the episode of the same name. The show had, as of September 8th, 2013, aired a couple more episodes already offscreen, and so Michael wasted no time introducing the first known interviewees on the show, Paul and Phil Hartnoll of Orbital. Orbital introduce a new track of theirs, and Michael and Brian start dancing to it, though Brian claims he hated the song. When asked why he was dancing, he claimed that there were "rats in his arse", all because of Phil, though Michael proved this wrong, by saying that Phil couldn't have reached Brian via a video call. After that, Michael announces the winners of their sweepstakes, who was entry 48-203 (who ended up being Link). The show then ended for that day.

Don't Be Cheeky aired several more episodes, which are credited below.