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Don't Be Cheeky
Episode # 6 (Season 1, Ep. 6)
Airdate September 8, 2013
Length 2:32

The sixth episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles, also the second in the "Telly Trilogy", and the first appearance of the titular show which makes several appearances over the course of the series. Watch it here.


The episode begins, and Michael introduces the new show he started with Brian to replace the cancelled What's This Ear, saying "Hello! Welcome to Don't Be Cheeky, the Michael Rosen crazy talk shOOOOOOOOOw."

Given that the show has already aired a few episodes off-screen at this point, Michael wastes no time in introducing his first interviewees, Paul and Phil Hartnoll of Orbital.

Orbital introduce a new track of theirs, and Michael and Brian start dancing to it. When the track is over, Michael says he likes it, but Brian says he doesn't like it. Michael asks him why he was dancing, and Brian says that he had rats in his arse.

After a long silence in which Michael and Paul look shocked and Phil smiles amusingly, Brian accuses Phil of having stuffed the rats in his arse, but Michael points out that Phil, being on a video feed, is too far away to have done so. Michael thanks Orbital for appearing on the show, and Phil jokingly says "see you next week". Brian shudders.

Michael then announces that it's time to reveal the winners of their sweepstakes, and asks Brian to do a drum roll. Brian points out that they don't have drums, so Michael tells him to just do something. Brian says "plum" over and over mimicking a drum roll, and Michael announces the winner: entry 48-203, A.K.A. Link. Link celebrates with his usual "I won!", freaking out The King. Michael closes with "That's all for today, see you next time", and the show ends.


  • "Private Eye" by Kevin Macleod
  • "Distractions" (demo) by Orbital