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Clichés at the Café
Episode # 21 (Season 2, Ep. 7)
Airdate August 10, 2014
Length 1:55

The twenty-first episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles, also 256Pi's entry to Stuart K Reilly's cancelled Legacy Collab. Watch it here.


Michael walks into the CD-i Cafe, lamenting that three entire days had passed since his run-in with Abdul at The Royal Snatch without any more clues as to Lollipop Lady's whereabouts. Suddenly, he hears King Harkinian off to the side, saying "Mah boi" at no one in particular. Michael says "Not you again, surely not" and the King wonders if Michael has some problem with him. Michael answers that he wishes that The King would stay out of his way, after all The King "totally wasted" his time at The Royal Snatch with their little YTPMV scuffle. The King offers to help, but Michael turns him down, just asking the King to leave him alone. Zelda, however, tells Michael no, and asks if he's ever been here. He hasn't, so Gwonam explains they're here all the time (the place is called "CD-i Cafe", after all). Michael still expresses his annoyance with The King, mentioning that everything he says is some kind of cliché or overused joke. The King is confused, so Michael dares him to say anything that isn't a cliché. The King thinks for a moment, saying "Hmmm" (an overused CD-i joke). Michael announces that The King loses, but The King asks him to do better. Michael thinks for a second, but the first things that come to his mind to say are "plums", "snatch", and "fridge", all of which are overused jokes. Michael loses, and The King and Zelda laugh. Michael is fed up by the whole affair and leaves.

Dr. Robotnik suddenly pushes The King out of the way to hijack the rest of the YTP for himself, but after a while, The King yells "ENOUGH" and cuts Robotnik off. Robotnik is not happy with this and yells "WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!" at him.


  • "Maiden Voyage" by Herbie Hancock