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Christmas Procrastination
Episode # 35 (Season 3, Ep. 10)
Airdate December 25, 2015
Length 1:06

The 35th episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles. Watch it here.


An episode of Don't Be Cheeky begins. Brian walks in to inform the audience that Michael couldn't make it today, and brings in an old friend of his, Mervin Scheddle (the network executive) to interview. Mervin asks Brian where Michael is, and if he's sick. Brian says, no, not exactly.

Meanwhile, Michael is rushing through a department store, having procrastinated too much on buying Christmas presents. Older Rosen is following him. Michael grabs something off the shelf, wrap wrap wrap wraps it, and gives it to Older Rosen to deliver to Harrybo. Older Rosen teleports over to Harrybo's house and shoves the present aside, while Michael rushes to the cashier to pay.

Later, Michael finally arrives at the Don't Be Cheeky studio, making a loud crashing noise. He asks Brian if he missed anything, and Brian answers that he missed the entire show for that day. Michael simply responds with "Crap".


  • "Private Eye" by Kevin Macleod
  • "Hotel Daniels" by Lalo Schifrin
  • "The First Snowfall" (alternate version) by Lalo Schifrin