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Chocolate Chase
Episode # 38 (Season 3, Ep. 13)
Airdate May 26th, 2016
Length 2:23

The 38th episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles and 256Pi's final project for his film class at college. Watch it here.


This episode is a flashback that takes place shortly after Older Rosen first moved into his flat. One night, he was hungry for chocolate cake (of course) so he went down the stairs and over to a room with a vending machine and a sofa. Older Rosen of course hid a slice of chocolate cake behind the sofa and went to get it, but then he notices that it's disappeared. He looks around, and sees the hallway in front of him has some little crumbly bits of chocolate cake sprinkled around, so he figures it's been stolen, and goes after the thief. One of his neighbors has been woken up by his stomping around, despite his efforts to be quiet. (The neighbor in question does resemble his brother Richard thanks to wearing a bluish shirt, but it's not the same person; the shirt's not the right shade of blue.)

He goes outside, and notices The Presents Inspector walking by. Older Rosen immediately thinks he's found the thief (or "secret agent smuggling outfit", whatever you want) and gives chase. He stops The Presents Inspector in a park and confronts him. The Presents Inspector at first pretends not to know what he's talking about, but Older Rosen tells him to take off his hat, and threatens to take it off for him. The Presents Inspector does so, and reveals the chocolate cake hidden under his hat. Before Older Rosen has a chance to do anything to him, The Presents Inspector dashes away. Older Rosen of course gives chase again, passing through a few alleyways (one of which has Augmented Reality Rog in it), and The Presents Inspector is suddenly hit by a car. Older Rosen comments on how that must have hurt, and The Presents Inspector lands not too far away from him, with the chocolate cake landing right in front of it. Older Rosen immediately eats it, and proclaims his love for chocolate cake. The Presents Inspector sarcastically comments "I didn't know that..."


  • The remastered comp entirely changes the context of why Older Rosen is telling the story. Here he is telling the story to Mervin Scheddle to give him ideas for what to do after Hackney's Got Talent ended. The setting where he tells the story is, as such, changed from Older Rosen's flat to the backstage of the Hackney's Got Talent studio. A few other notable changes are:
    • A clip of Brady Haran saying corridor playing on a TV when Older Rosen says the same word.
    • A motion blur added to flying objects, running characters and speeding cars.
    • An added ending where Mervin says to Older Rosen that it gave him an idea and that he'll set up a meeting with the Rosens tomorrow, leading us into the next episode. It's also worth noting that a clip from the poem “Train to Hull” is used to make Mervin think, making this the only time a remastered Michael Rosen clip appears in any piece of TRFC media.


  • "Death Wish (Main Theme)" by Herbie Hancock
  • "Do A Thing" by Herbie Hancock
  • "Fill Your Hand" by Herbie Hancock
  • "Joanna's Theme" by Herbie Hancock