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Brian Rosen
Biographical information
Occupation Photographer, TV Show Host
Related to Michael Rosen (brother), Older Rosen and Richard Rosen (cousins), Harold & Connie Rosen (parents)
Age 79 (b. 1942)
First Appears In Michael Rosen Vs. The Lollipop Lady, Round II

Brian Rosen is Michael Rosen's older brother and one of the main characters in The Rosen Family Chronicles. He tends to be more serious than Michael (who has commented several times that Brian has no sense of humor). He also co-hosts the popular show Don't Be Cheeky with Michael, despite interruptions from Older Rosen.

Early Life[]

Born Brian Roy Rosen on June 23, 1942, he is four years older than Michael. Like his brother after him, Brian attended the University of Nothingham and studied photography. After graduating he found himself an apartment in Hackney. His brother eventually moved in with him a few years later.

Recent Life[]

Brian still lives in Hackney Flat Complex with his brother Michael. He also co-hosts the show Don't Be Cheeky with Michael. He prefers not to leave the area much and stay out of danger and especially doesn't enjoy going out on adventures with Michael, although if he does he makes every effort he can not leave his brother's side. However, he does often feel urges to run away, but Michael constantly tells him to ignore said urges, telling him "not to take any notice of his cowardly thoughts". This usually works when Michael is around (with one exception, when an unexplained loud noise came from a tower where Lollipop Lady was hiding he was too spooked to listen to his brother, and he ditched him), however he is not quite as good with following this method when Michael is not around. For instance, when he was lost by himself inside Lollipop Lady's Temple, he had a sort of a mental breakdown, attempting to find the entrance to the temple and ditch his brother again. Thankfully, in his attempt to run away, he just ended up running into Michael and Older Rosen, who persuaded him to continue forward.

Brian's mouth is usually seen as glowing blue. This is a side effect of the Special Blue gum that Brian frequently chews.

Although Michael narrates most of the episodes in The Rosen Family Chronicles, Brian narrated one episode in which he details his own adventures in Rio while Michael is out searching for Lollipop Lady, entitled "Brian's Stories".