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Brian's Stories
Episode # 22 (Season 2, Ep. 8)
Airdate August 24, 2014
Length 2:29

The twenty-second episode in The Rosen Family Chronicles, also 256Pi's entry to ZeroTyrant's Rosenless Collab. Per the collab rules it is one of the only episodes not to feature Michael at all. Watch it here.


This episode fades in with Brian standing in silence, struggling to say something. He says he's not used to telling the story, then thinks of something to talk about: what's been going on with him in the ongoing search for Lollipop Lady.

On Monday, the day after the Royal Snatch incident, Brian walks around Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janiero. He suddenly decides he wants some gum, so he takes out a stick and puts it in his mouth. Sir Chameleon happens to be standing nearby, and he tries to warn Brian that the gum is dangerous. Brian already knows that it makes his mouth glow, and points it out. Sir Chameleon is dumbfounded. Brian tries to tell him that the gum is harmless, but he doesn't seem to notice.

On Tuesday, The Pocketfoogle stops by their hotel. He requests to see Michael, but Michael isn't around, and Brian tells him so. The Pocketfoogle asks where he is, and Brian says he doesn't know. This angers the Pocketfoogle, who says he doesn't believe him, and before Brian can react, he changes into his large form. This obviously scares Brian, who immediately runs down the hallway as fast as he can. Before the Pocketfoogle can give chase, however, Older Rosen intervenes, repeatedly punching The Pocketfoogle until he returns to his small form and flies out the window. Brian expresses his thanks to Older Rosen for saving him.

On Wednesday, Brian is walking by the side of a pool, and is tackled by Mayor Kravindish. Both fall into the pool and Brian gets angry at Kravindish.

On Thursday, Brian is looking around a big building (Rio Central Building, to be exact) for Lollipop Lady clues. Eventually he ends up inside a radio station, and as he is leaving he is stopped by Mark Sabine. Mark asks him if he has something to say to the Portuguese populace. Brian is about to say no but Mark yells "CARNE DA VINHA D'ALHOS" at him, changing Brian's mind. Brian steps up to the mic and says nothing. Mark urges him to say something, so Brian says "Um, uh, um, heh heh, I dunno!" and then requests to leave. Mark yells "FETISH" at him and Brian leaves.

Finally, Brian mentions that as he is telling the story it is now Friday and they still haven't found anymore clues. He then says he wants to stop there, and the episode ends (though Older Rosen peeks in at the last second).


  • "Bopalong" by Kinobe
  • "Luna 2" by Nightmares on Wax (feat. Wolfgang Haffner)
  • "Skyscraper" by Kinobe


  • First appearance of Sir Chameleon
  • The remastered comp version removes the ending where Older Rosen pops up in front of the “The End” screen. This is replaced with a shot where Older Rosen says “So, now it's my turn!” and it transitions into the next episode.