• Majinparasite

    Hello there. So, i decided to do something because...why not? Whit season 4 in the works, i decided to see that who would be the next big bad of the 4th season. Also before i say anything i want to get few things out of the way, I will be only looking at Antagonists (Obviosly) So don't expect Older Rosen or others good guys to appeare here. I will be only looking at the TRFC episode & series, i won't be using any characters outside of this series. Also...spoiler alert, a lot of them since we are talking about the big bads who are sometimes very important to the story. (Note: This is only a prediction/theory so there is a huge chance that i am wrong) Also, this is little bit short.

    Whit that out of the way, let's who will not be the antagonist…

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  • Yfcnvwifeuv

    The Mysterious Caller

    November 19, 2016 by Yfcnvwifeuv

    As the first blog on this wiki, I would like to discuss the unknown person that rings Michael and asks about his fridge running. Of course, it's most likely that it's a brand new character entirely, but it doesn't hurt to theorise. 

    Let's get some obvious things out of the way first. It couldn't be Michael, Brian or Mervin because they were in the studio at the time. He is also based off of the original Michael Rosen, which rules out Older Rosen, Richard, Mark, Rog, Tim, anyone from the CD-i gang, Brady or the Potatofoogle. Joanna/Lollipop Lady, Michael's parents and the Presents Inspector have some hair and/or hat, which the caller does not. He also has a noticeably deepened voice, which is not present in Harrybo or the Pocketfoogle. Final…

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