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Billy Mays
Biographical information
Occupation Advertiser / salesman
Age ???
First Appears In A Verybo Merrybo Harrybo

Billy Mays is a famous salesman who supposedly died in 2009 however in the TRFC canon came back to life in 2014.

Known Information[]

Billy Mays, like Augmented Reality Rog, has appeared in two unofficial episodes separate from the main TRFC series which are inside the canon. In the first one Billy Mays reveals that he did not die in 2009 but instead was in a hospital doing rehab. He proclaims he'd like to start fresh, not get drunk over the weekend, etc. He goes on a cruise ship and meets Mark Sabine, and gets bowled over by an army of Portuguese people shortly thereafter.

In the second unofficial episode, he attempts to take the cruise a second time with the hopes of making it not suck ass. He runs into Mark again however nothing really comes out of it aside from Billy momentarily mistaking him for Mark3611. He later is distracted by an AMAZING cruise ship toilet which comes with scrubbing hands that supposedly make poop go away for good and the "Awesome Radio" which is really just a Spotify player.

His first appearance in the series proper was running a job selling the iTunes Toilet at the Harrrrs department store in London, however he tried to sell it to competing advertiser Harrybo Scheddle, who knew the product didn't actually work.