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Augmented Reality Rog's Triumphant Return
Episode # 30 (Season 3, Ep. 5)
Airdate July 20, 2015
Length 2:13

The 30th episode of The Rosen Family Chronicles, and 256Pi's entry to DynoNoob's Rog Collab 3. Watch it here.


Augmented Reality Rog makes a few weird noises before introducing himself. He explains that even though he did in fact die at the end of this episode, he is no longer dead thanks to "24/7 Soul Guard Dot Cum". The story of how he returned is shown as he remembered it.

After slamming head-first into the concrete (after falling several stories off a skyscraper), he sees a swirl of red and then is surrounded by clouds. At first his head is floating all by itself, but then his body reappears and he can respond to his surroundings ("Whaaaat??"). He is greeted by Godthony Godtano, who tells him that he has died and gone to heaven. Suddenly, there's a flash of lightning, and he appears in a Soul Train-like club called "24/7 Soul Guard Dot Cum" (a different part of heaven). There are a few oddly-dressed performers (angels, probably), singing "Romeo" by Basement Jaxx. Rog at first is confused, but upon seeing the performers (which he believes to be Vietnamese beauties), he decides to just dance along with the rest of the crowd.

After a while though, there is another flash of lightning, and Rog suddenly finds himself alive, in the back of a truck labeled "Fjdksla Movers, Inc." (seems legit) He looks around, wondering where he is, and a passerby (with legs, somehow) informs him that he is in Spain. Rog concludes that the whole thing was probably just a product of his drug trip and vows not to take anymore. He walks around and looks for a way to get home. He runs into Richard Rosen and starts to introduce himself, but before he can finish, he is hit by a train and flung into oblivion.

He survived, somehow.


  • "Into The Fourth Dimension" by The Orb
  • "Romeo" by Basement Jaxx vs. Metropole Orkest


  • The remastered comp version changes a few things.
    • The episode fades in from a cloud transition from the the previous episode
    • A motion blur is added to the train
    • The text “And now for a word from our sponsors” is changed to “About a week earlier” to flow into the next episode
    • Rog making noises at the end is put at the start of the next episode with his face on the moon.