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Abdul the Big Guy
Biographical information
Occupation Terrorist / assistant to Lollipop Lady
Age ???
First Appears In The Royal Snatch

He is a known member of Lollipop Lady's little gang, probably the most active member. Little is known about him.

Known Information[]

Abdul is, well, big. He is significantly taller than Michael and the tallest cast member overall, possibly only rivaled by when The Pocketfoogle grows. He also owns an oversized car and an oversized gun to fit his stature, and he commands an army of Lemonade Boys, who he uses to overwhelm any of his opponents. He also seems to be the only loyal or competent member of Lollipop Lady's little gang.

He's had several run-ins with the Rosens. Michael once snuck into The Royal Snatch to eavesdrop on him but Abdul called on his Lemonade Boys to remove him from the premises. Older Rosen and Sir Chameleon ran into him later and got into a car chase with him. Older Rosen ended up stealing a photo of Lollipop Lady's Temple Base from him and Sir Chameleon chased him through the night until both crashed into the Rosens' battle with Lollipop Lady. Abdul, of course, fought on Lollipop Lady's side, using his Lemonade Boys again, but both were defeated. After Sir Chameleon arrested Lollipop Lady and took the Rosens away from the base, Abdul attempted to chase after them again, but was thrown off course by a convenient chocolate cake that flew in his face. He has not been seen since the Rosens returned to London.